Nick Zielke (He/Him)

Clinical Social Worker and Gender Therapist LMSW, WPATH certified

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Being born Intersex, I went through Medical & Social Gender Transition! My role as a Clinical Social Worker & Gender Therapist is to help clients find the direction and resources, they desire to reach self-sufficiency, so they can reach their true potential. I consult with schools and other professionals to educate and supervise their work. Specialized in Gender, Transgender, Intersex, LGBT+ Identity working with individuals and their loved ones who seek support in navigating challenges presented. I work with clients dealing with Bullying..Oppression..Depression..Anxiety & Suicidal Ideation. I utilize a combination of Strengths-Based Perspective and Mindfulness Based Approach during Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). I follow the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and NASW Code of Ethics. I provide clients with a safe-space to come-out to the people who are close to them; providing assistance and guidance.

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Taking a deeper look into Intersex people and learning the differences and similarities between intersex and transgender.

Nick Zielke