Joni Genovesi (She/Her)

Board Member, Stand with Trans

About this speaker

Joni is a later in life blooming transwoman, fully embracing herself just a few years ago. She's also a parent, business owner, and fitness enthusiast. Her mantra in life is to lead with love, and the rest will follow.


She feels a passion to be an advocate for the trans community, and specifically trans youth, because she understands first hand what it is like to live in denial, repression, and depression. She understands the shame one can feel holding in a secret of this magnitude, and living a life that was not meant to be hers. She does not want anyone living this way, and is excited to work the front lines to protect those who need it the most.


Her goal is to teach trans youth to empower themselves and live a life most authentic to their own. She tries to live this life, everyday.


Life as an Adult Transgender Person

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