Our speakers will be sharing their experiences, strategies and knowledge. Who are you going to watch?

Mary Abouljoud (She/Her)

Community Outreach Specialist, FBI

John Ball (he/him)

Owen Bondono (He/They)

Stand with Trans

Blake Bonkowski (he/him)

Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality Center - Oakland University & Co-host of Half In, Half Out Podcast, Oakland University

Lisa Bunker (She/They)

Barb Byrum (She/Her)

Ingham County Clerk

Lyle Chalker (he/him)

Dee Church (She/They)

Trans Centered Clinical Sex Therapist, Fairsky Michigan

Shawn Coleman (Shawn/Shawn's)

Platonic Touch Practitioner, Our Touchpoints

Kelly Darke (She/Her)

Danica Emry (They/She/He)

Program Manager, Stand with Trans

Raymond Falkiewicz (They/Them, Xae/Xaer)

Abel Fincher (They/Them)

Joni Genovesi (She/Her)

Board Member, Stand with Trans

Vic Gipson (He/They)

Stand with Trans & MOASH MyTV

Clio Hartzer (They/Them)

Axel Hettinger (He/Him)

Jordan Ross Jakomin (He/Him)

Owner, Jordan Ross Communication

Bridie Johnson (Two-spirit/She/They)

Senior Director of Behavioral Health, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless & Fair Sky Michigan

Allé K. (He/Him)

Owner, Trans Yoga Teacher

Jay Kaplan (he/him)

Staff Attorney for ACLU of Michigan's LGBTQ Project, ACLU of Michigan

Ameera Khan (she/he)

Jack Knoxville (He/They)

Founder & Executive Director, Trans Empowerment Project

Kay Korchnak (They/She)

Finn L. (He/Him)

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